About Greenline Emeritus Consulting

— Focused on Education 

Greenline Emeritus Consulting’s focus is education; teaching individuals and work groups how to maximize their investment in the inherently “green” tools of collaboration technology (telepresence & videoconferencing, “cloud-based” computing, webinars, “paperless office” technology, etc.). Work more efficiently, productively, from anywhere, at any time. Travel when you want to, and work more effectively when you aren’t.

— Greenline Emeritus Does What Others Cannot — 

Other companies sell, install, maintain, and give basic operational training. Greenline Emeritus picks up where the others leave off, leading and teaching you to optimize your investment in technology.

If you have invested in telepresence technology, it probably is not performing to its optimal level. Why? Because the status quo for video network operations is outdated. Only by understanding “Experience Based” operations and presentation concepts will it roar to life like the high-performance vehicle that it is designed to be. Greenline Emeritus specializes in Experience Based telepresence training.

— Proven History of Excellence — 

With more than 20 years in broadcast engineering, distance learning for higher education, telecommunications and the large law firm environment, Greenline Emeritus’ Theo Economides brings a wide range of creative, efficient and personalized solutions so that you and your company work smarter, not harder.

— Trust — 

You can trust the guy with “Economy” in his name: Theo Economides
President & CEO, Greenline Emeritus Consulting

Random Testimonial

  • ~ Very effective

    "Theo Economides set up my entire communications network, established processes for its use and trained me and my staff to use it.  I have been up and running for about a year now and it is very effective.  I highly recommend Theo. Katherine Puffer, Managing Director, VH"

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