Experience-Based AV for IT Professionals

— What IT Geeks Need To Know About Video —

Desktop Videoconferencing

Desktop Videoconferencing
Run Length Coding 1
Run Length Coding

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Run Length Coding
The IT team has a security expert, server expert, database expert, desktop apps expert.The VoIP expert might be part of the IT team or of the telecommunications team.The “video guy” knows enough about telecom and IT to be dangerous.Fear, suspicion and finger-pointing are common.Does this sound familiar?  It is the status quo in most large companies who have invested in videoconferencing and video streaming technology.

  • “How will the new packet shaper affect video on my network?”
  • “What are the security issues we need to address if we are to allow videoconference connections outside of our corporate WAN?”
  • “Has videoconference infrastructure ever been hacked?”

Get the IT team up-to-speed on video and audio streaming, video conferencing, telepresence and the technology that makes it work.  Dispel the fear of the unknown.  AV for IT Professionals is designed specially for them.This workshop, in either a half- or full-day format, offers an in-depth overview of the standards and technology used in videoconferencing and streaming media integration.  Topics covered in detail include:

  • How Audio & Video Compression Work
  • Videoconferencing Standards
  • Streaming Media Standards
  • Security Issues in Streaming
  • Audio Technology Basics
  • Video Technology Basics
The workshop is highly interactive so as to be relevant and customized to your own organization.

— Video On The Network: A Necessary Evil? —

Video and VoIP on the corporate network is here to stay.  No longer is it feasible to clamp down on the network content to keep video from flowing. It is not only part of how we do business now, but video is a CRUCIALelement of business communications.Companies that embrace video and VoIP hired consultants and contractors analyze the network to assure that it supports VoIP, video streaming and conferencing needs, but did they bother to teach your internal staff how to understand and manage it? Is your help desk equipped to deal with the real-timenetwork support that comes with the territory?  Most of the time these issues are ignored until a critical problem arises.Don’t wait for the network to start failing. Train your IT and help desk staff to understand, maintain and support the new paradigm that flows across the old network.
Frequency analysis of WAV file

Frequency analysis


— In Terms IT Professionals Understand —

Telepresence Values

Telepresence Values

H.323 Protocol Family

H.323 Protocol Family

Greenline Emeritus’ trainers know how to speak “geek,” as well as English.  They are experts at communicating the critical content to your IT staff in terms that they understand.Streaming media (including VoIP telephony and videoconferencing) bring together a dozen different areas of IT and communications which never needed to work together before.  Now, they must.  Hand-in-hand with this is the imperative for your IT staff to be able to speak intelligently about these new combinations of audio, video, digitization, compression, security, protocols, acoustics, and network appliances.The AV for IT Professionals training is the key to a better-running VoIP and video infrastructure. Don’t delay in bringing this training to your staff.


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