Biography of Theo Economides

Theo Economides is a visionary and noted speaker in the field of Business Mobility and Collaboration Technology. With more than 30 years experience in the TV and radio, higher education, telecommunications, and legal environments his fortè is in leading businesses out of their typical perceptions of technology and into new, synergistic understanding and applications. His public speaking engagements challenge attendees to re-think and re-shape their understanding of how to position technologies within their own organizations in order to achieve the higher goal of creating compelling experiences that drive adoption, usage, and improved business output.

Mr. Economides has a vast IT, technology, and telecommunications background, but it is his unique ability to create a unified view of all these technologies and to explain it all to any audience which sets him apart from his peers. As such, his presentations have been well-received at many conferences; most notably, the annual conventions of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the Visual Communications Industries Group.

Mr. Economides’ career began after completing two degrees in Electrical Engineering at Texas A&M University, at the university’s Educational Broadcast Services (home of PBS and NPR affiliate stations, KAMU-TV & FM). Theo implemented and maintained the far-reaching video conference network infrastructure and classrooms for the university and the State of Texas. In that role he also led a number of innovative projects in the broadcast, Internet 2, and distance learning technology fields. For instance, the creation of a “Virtual Town Hall” meeting for Texas Governor G.W. Bush, connecting a poor rural Texas school district to Vice President Al Gore at the White House, and engineering and organizing (and singing the bass part of) the only ever virtual barbershop quartet for an Internet 2 meeting in Atlanta, GA.

A native of Chicago, Mr. Economides returned in 2005 to work for the law firm of Kirkland & Ellis LLP. As the firm’s audio-video engineer and member of the firm wide Telecom team, he managed, maintained, and augmented the firm’s global videoconferencing infrastructure and conference rooms. With his combined experience in telepresence, videoconferencing, streaming media, IT, broadcasting, VoIP, and traditional telephony, he was also the firm’s Unified Communications Subject Matter Expert.

Since leaving Kirkland in 2009, Mr. Economides cultivated his vision for the place and use of collaboration technology for mobility in business to a new, visionary level. He formed Greenline Emeritus Consulting to bring this vision to forward-looking organizations, to cultivate a new culture of mobility, virtualness, and collaboration from within.

In addition to his technical and teaching competencies, Mr. Economides is an accomplished pianist, singer, musical conductor, and musical educator. A musician since the age of eight years, he currently teaches private voice and piano students. He is a member and administrator of Chicago’s “Too Hot to Handel” choir and has directed numerous musical theatre orchestras and mens a cappella choruses.

Mr. Economides sits on the Board of Directors for the Visual Communications Industries Group, as well as MacCormac College in Chicago.  He is a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, LeTip International, and the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers.

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