A Limerick on Visual Communications

"A Limerick on Visual Communications If it's human connection you seek \ The phone is a mere pip-squeak \ You just can't replace \ Eye contact, face-to-face \ But visual communications bridges the gap. Give it a peek! Greenline Emeritus Consulting makes video conferencing accessible to small"

Training videos make it easy!

"A Limerick on Software Training There once was an office out there / Forced by Corporate to use awful software / Their turn-over high / New hires would cry / But training videos [from Greenline] made it easy as pie."   Greenline Emeritus Consulting makes GREAT software training"

Very effective

"Theo Economides set up my entire communications network, established processes for its use and trained me and my staff to use it.  I have been up and running for about a year now and it is very effective.  I highly recommend Theo. Katherine Puffer, Managing Director, VH"

He listened and facilitated

"I asked Theo to help me with a sales presentation by creating a few PowerPoint slides. I needed my audience to be able to visualize my solution to their Request for Proposal.  I got more than I bargained for! Theo met with me and my staff so that he could understand our solution.  But the questions he asked and the way in which he listened and facilitated our discussion actually helped us to understand our own solution in a way we had not considered before. Jerry Freund, President & Owner, Mid American Printing,"

Great guide. Patient teacher.

"I’ve known Theo Economides for thirteen years and have found him to be a great guide as well as a patient teacher.  He is an expert in the IT arena and has taught me a great deal about the LAN infrastructure in our department which he designed, and I now administer.  I attended a seminar he was hosting at the annual TTVN (State of Texas video conference network) convention.  Theo was speaking to the attendees about data compression used in video conferencing.  His knowledge of the subject matter and his teaching ability made it easy for novices and experts alike to understand the concept.  His use of visual aids was also very helpful. Ken Nelson MSIT, CISSP, Chief Engineer/Operations Manager, KAMU-TV/FM, Texas A&M"

Knows how to synchronize everything

"Before I moved, one of the first things I asked Theo to help me with was to find the best mobile phone that would also allow me to synchronize ALL my email addresses, as well as my contacts!  I can't go without it.  Theo has all the knowledge you need to get everything together and he's VERY affordable.  I strongly recommend him. Victoria Rock, President & CEO, Victoria Court Reporting"

Makes the “light bulb” turn on

"“Theo is outstanding! After a 15 minute discussion Theo was able to shore up five tech issues I was having. He immediately enabled me to be functional in critical areas which made me more productive during the work day.  He is an outstanding resource for attaining higher task maturity levels in the Microsoft space, in all telecom issues and is an expert in video conferencing technology.”

Jerry Freund, President & Owner, Mid American Printing,"

Translates “Geek” to English

"I have worked with Theo for several years. He has a gift for being able to boil down complex technical jargon and concepts into business relateable terms. One of the unique talents he brings tot he table is his ability to engage everyone in the discussions. It is obvious he believes that combining a diversity of opinion brings great success to any project. Paula Graller, Director of Telecom, Large Law"