Consulting Services


Small Business Owners

Services for those who wear many hats.

  • Contact & Email Synchronization: Lose or damage your smart phone? No worries! All of your contacts and emails are save and available 24/7.
  • Telephones: Big Office telephone features at a Small Office price. You don’t need to buy an expensive phone system to get the great features that they offer. Simply plug your phone into a network connection ANYWHERE, and it works.

Media Services for Web and Presentations

Slides, Audio & Video Create Unforgettable Messages

Greenline Emeritus not only creates targeted, interesting, and compelling graphics (PowerPoint slides, streaming video and video clips) that are in harmony with your message, but takes it one step further. We coach you in their use.

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IT Departments & Consultants

Services for busy IT departments

  • VoIP Telephony Services: Give your IT department a break! Keeping your servers, network and desktop computers is a lot of work. Don’t heap another layer of technology on them. Let Greenline Emeritus take care of your telephony needs.
  • Video Services: If your business does not make use of video, whether to deliver brief messages from your web site or for interactive videoconferencing, you are falling behind the curve. Greenline Emeritus works with your IT department or consultant to assure seamless integration of video into your business.

Experience-Based Media Training for the Enterprise

Fortune 1000 companies spend millions of dollars on collaboration technology – videoconferencing, web-based workgroup tools, unified communications – but waste hundreds of thousands of dollars because they don’t understand how to use them:

  • “Death by Bulletpoint” presentations
  • Time lost trying to establish or schedule a video connection
  • Squandering the precious time of dozens of employees at a time with monotone, boring speeches.

Experience-Based Media Training is the solution.

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Random Testimonial

  • ~ Training videos make it easy!

    "A Limerick on Software Training There once was an office out there / Forced by Corporate to use awful software / Their turn-over high / New hires would cry / But training videos [from Greenline] made it easy as pie."   Greenline Emeritus Consulting makes GREAT software training"

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