Contact & Email Synchronization

If You Loose Your Smart Phone

You Don’t Have To Loose Your Contacts!

  • Sleep easy knowing that all of your contacts are safe, even if you destroy your smart phone.
  • Update your contacts from anywhere.
  • ALL of your contacts, perfectly synchronized across:
    • Your phone
    • Your computers
    • All your accounts

All Your Emails, Everywhere You Are

Don’t Just Forward Email To Your Phone

  • Synchronized Email gives you the secure feeling of knowing that you have access to ALL of your emails and replies whether on your phone or on your computer
  • Multiple Email Accounts: The small business owner has at least two, and usually several more, email accounts.  Keep track of them all seamlessly and easily through email synchronization.

Synced, Trained, Delivered

We’re Not Through Until You Are An Expert

Greenline Emeritus holds your hand through the process of learning how to use your synchronized contacts and email. We are experts in teaching technology to students of ANY skill level.

  • You’re a Business Owner, not a Gear Head? Greenline Emeritus will show you what you need to know, and be on-call until you are ready to “fly solo.”
  • You’re not technical, but you like technology? While your Blackberry may not be as simple to use as an iPad, Greenline Emeritus unparalleled ability to boil down even the most trying technical concepts will make it seem like child’s play.

Random Testimonial

  • ~ He listened and facilitated

    "I asked Theo to help me with a sales presentation by creating a few PowerPoint slides. I needed my audience to be able to visualize my solution to their Request for Proposal.  I got more than I bargained for! Theo met with me and my staff so that he could understand our solution.  But the questions he asked and the way in which he listened and facilitated our discussion actually helped us to understand our own solution in a way we had not considered before. Jerry Freund, President & Owner, Mid American Printing,"

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