Experience-Based Education Overview


Video Technology: A to Z

Comprehensive, not-overly-technical survey class for those that work with telepresence, video conferencing, or media streaming

Designed as a pre-conference seminar (all- or half-day) but also perfect as on-site training for non-technical staff who support or use media streaming and video conferencing. Includes an overview of the standards and technology used in videoconferencing and streaming media integration, as well as a focus on mobile, desktop, conventional room and telepresence environments. Understand how Skype, YouTube, and streaming media formats can be utilized in your media delivery efforts.

The class is customized for the client’s specific needs and AV infrastructure.

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AudioVisual Technology for IT Professionals

What IT geeks need to know about video & audio

Get the IT team up-to-speed on video and audio streaming, video conferencing, telepresence and the technology that makes it work.  Dispel the fear of the unknown.  AV for IT Professionalsis designed specially for them.This workshop, in either a half- or full-day format, offers an in-depth overview of the standards and technology used in videoconferencing and streaming media integration.  Topics covered in detail include:

  • How Audio & Video Compression Work
  • Videoconferencing Standards
  • Streaming Media Standards
  • Security Issues in Streaming
  • Audio Technology Basics
  • Video Technology Basics
The workshop is highly interactive so as to be relevant and customized to your own organization.

For more information, please see the course details.

Camera Lens

Experience-Based Media Training

Your video meetings and classes are not interesting. We know why.

Fortune 1000 companies spend millions of dollars on collaboration technology – videoconferencing, web-based workgroup tools, unified communications – but waste hundreds of thousands of dollars because they don’t understand how to use them:

  • “Death by Bulletpoint” presentations
  • Time lost trying to establish or schedule a video connection
  • Squandering the precious time of dozens of employees at a time with monotone, boring speeches.

Experience-Based Media Training is the solution.

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Random Testimonial

  • ~ Makes the “light bulb” turn on

    "“Theo is outstanding! After a 15 minute discussion Theo was able to shore up five tech issues I was having. He immediately enabled me to be functional in critical areas which made me more productive during the work day.  He is an outstanding resource for attaining higher task maturity levels in the Microsoft space, in all telecom issues and is an expert in video conferencing technology.”

    Jerry Freund, President & Owner, Mid American Printing,"

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