Outsourced Video Manager


Outsourced Video Manager

Right-sized Video Services Management for Small/Medium Sized Business & Enterprise.

The Problem:

Videoconferencing and streaming is affordable for the small- to medium-sized enterprise.  Why is that a problem?  When videoconferencing was necessarily expensive to implement it was easy to justify the expense for an internal, full-time video manager/FTE to keep the service running and to drive usage and adoption and, by extension, the ROI.

But now that the same quality of videoconferencing is easier and accessible for a small fraction of the cost, SMEs feel that the FTE video manager is no longer required.

And they’re right!

They decide that NOT HAVING a video manager is the way to go. That the IT department can keep the service going, and that’s all that is needed.

And they’re dead wrong.

Videoconferencing is easier to use than ever, but “ease of use” alone will not bring ROI nor, more importantly, a great experience of human communication.

The Solution:

Get the right amount of video management with our Outsourced Video Manager. This tailored-to-fit program is right-sized to drive increased adoption, usage, ROI and great experiences in communication and collaboration in your organization.

Our Outsourced Video Manager provides:

  • Ongoing “user-experience based” training which emphasizes best practices for getting the BEST POSSIBLE experience of visual communications in a world where bad experiences are rampant.
  • Recommendations on best uses for business video: Expect more of your investment than just telephone calls with moving pictures. Expect transformative business communication!
  • Ongoing coordination and training of your technical and support staff.
  • Hand-holding for users that need it.
  • Regular usage & ROI reports.
  • Vendor management.
  • Single point of contact for coordinating more complex collaboration connections.

Don’t rely on an overworked IT staff to manage your investment in visual collaboration.  Do it right. Use Greenline Emeritus Consulting’s Outsourced Video Manager.


Outsourced Video Manager: Three Tiers

  1. Administrator:  Basic assistance to keep your video services running smoothly. Includes regular usage & ROI reporting, coordination & scheduling for video calls outside your organization, strategic planning & project proposals for maintaining and growing your video infrastructure.
  2. Video Tech:  “Administration” tier features, plus: Continuing technical education for IT and help desk staff, vendor management, implementation of new services and initiatives, firm-wide, team-building for video services staff who are in many locations & time zones.
  3. Chief of Video Operations (CVO): “Video Technician” tier features, plus: Planning, coordination & execution of video services for special events and meetings.  Project management.

Outsourced Video Manager Matrix

Tier 1:


Tier 2:

“Video Tech”

Tier 3:


Expert Opinions, Project Proposals, Strategic Planning

Usage & ROI Reporting

Scheduling & coordination for external calls

Continuing education for technical and help desk staff

Video services program creation & implementation.Video team building
Vendor Management

Special / complex event coordination(Annual meetings, live streaming, multi-national video calls, live captioning, etc.)

A la carte

A la carte

Project management:

  • New videoconference rooms
  • Implementation of new video services
  • Technology roll-outs
  • Adoption programs
  • End-user training

A la carte

A la carte


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