Telephony and Video Adjunct Services

The Perfect Compliment

Greenline Emeritus Consulting’s Telephony and Video Adjunct Services are a perfect compliment for the IT department or consultant which needs occasional video or voice support.

Data, video, and voice services continue to converge toward their common element: the IP network. While IT and network engineers are more and more comfortable with voice and video traveling across the corporate LAN and WAN, these technologies are still well outside the expertise of most.

Expertise When You Need It

Whether the need is for hosted or on-premises VoIP telephony, video streaming, unified communications, or video conferencing, you will leverage more than 20 years of experience in these fields by partnering with Greenline Emeritus Consulting.

Are you an IT consultant with a client that needs support for its existing phone system? Greenline Emeritus Consulting is the answer.

Support Your Hard Working Staff

Are you an IT manager in a small to medium-sized business. You have the staff to keep the servers, workstations and networks operating well, but when the CEO says, “I want video streaming,” your overworked staff might just revolt. Greenline Emeritus Consulting educates and supports your staff to make the whole process easy and pain-free.

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Random Testimonial

  • ~ He listened and facilitated

    "I asked Theo to help me with a sales presentation by creating a few PowerPoint slides. I needed my audience to be able to visualize my solution to their Request for Proposal.  I got more than I bargained for! Theo met with me and my staff so that he could understand our solution.  But the questions he asked and the way in which he listened and facilitated our discussion actually helped us to understand our own solution in a way we had not considered before. Jerry Freund, President & Owner, Mid American Printing,"

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