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WebRTC on VCIG Live! 21 Feb 2013

The Visual Communications Industry Group will host industry experts and analysts as they explore the inner workings and impact of WebRTC on the videoconferencing and Unified Communications industries. This session is produced by the VCI-Group Education Committee and will be a live videoconferencing interactive session and streaming event sponsored and carried by Chorus Call, Registration is free to VCI-Group members and guests alike,

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Fun Videos

 A Day Made of Glass… Made possible by Corning.

Cisco’s vision for video — better than being there experiences

WebRTC Videos and Demonstrations

Tech Talk: Web RTC – Daniel Enstrom, Ericsson Research

(A brief, 3-minute intro to Web RTC)

WebRTC: Real-time Audio/Video and P2P in HTML5 – Justin Uberti, Google

(A Google I/O 2012 conference presentation. A good primer on Web RTC.)

RTCWeb Explained – Cullen Jennings, Cisco

(A great primer on Web RTC. It takes you from the basics into some gory details.)

Web RTC Demo referred to by Cullin Jennings.

(Video superimposed onto 3-D television objects)

Web RTC Fact or Hype? – Dave Michels

(Geeks talk about Web RTC via a Google Hangout)

WebRTC Demo – Todd Simpson, Mozilla

(Demonstration of audio, video & text between browsers via Web RTC. Pretty cool!)

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