Presentations, Promos & Voice Overs

Greenline Emeritus Presents:

Our passion is to see your message come through clearly and without distraction. To that end, Greenline Emeritus creates digital assets (audio clips, voice-overs, videos, PowerPoint slides, Prezis), and coaches presenters on the best use of media for presentations. Based on ground-breaking Experience Economy concepts, the digital assets and the coaching in their use help you to create a compelling and coherent message for your audience.


These are some clips that we have created for our own use and for clients.

Teaser Videos via Remote Video Production

Panel Discussion Webinar

Live Internet Panel Depate


Greenline Emeritus President’s Message via Remote Video Production

Short President’s Message


Greenline Emeritus Program Promos

Greenline Presentation Coaching

AV Media for Presentations Workshop


Software Tutorials

Tutorial: WMA to MP3 Conversion

Audacity for Translators


Conference Presentations

Theo Economides is a highly respected public speaker at conferences and business events.  These are a few audio-synchronized presentations from past events.

The Videoconference EXPERIENCE: More Than Just Lip Service

Presentation from the Visual Communications Industries Group (VCI Group) 2012 conference

Telepresence Values: The TRUE Meaning of Telepresence

Presentation from the Visual Communications Industries Group (VCI Group) 2011 conference

Telepresence: Understanding the Basics

Presentation at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2011 Conference

Random Testimonial

  • ~ Translates “Geek” to English

    "I have worked with Theo for several years. He has a gift for being able to boil down complex technical jargon and concepts into business relateable terms. One of the unique talents he brings tot he table is his ability to engage everyone in the discussions. It is obvious he believes that combining a diversity of opinion brings great success to any project. Paula Graller, Director of Telecom, Large Law"

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