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Run Length Coding 1

Run Length Coding

Run Length Coding 2

Run Length Coding
Designed as a pre-conference seminar (all- or half-day) but also perfect as on-site training for non-technical staff who support or use media streaming and video conferencing. Includes an overview of the standards and technology used in videoconferencing and streaming media integration, as well as a focus on mobile, desktop, conventional room and telepresence environments. Understand how Skype, YouTube, and streaming media formats can be utilized in your media delivery efforts.

The class is customized for the client’s specific needs and AV infrastructure.

Topics covered include:

  • How Audio & Video Compression Work
  • Videoconferencing Standards
  • Streaming Media Standards
  • Audio Technology Basics
  • Video Technology Basics
  • Videoconference Displays and Devices
  • “Experience-Based” Videoconference System Selection and Design Considerations


— Gets Everyone On The Same Page —

Frequency analysis of WAV file

Frequency analysis


The instructor’s unparalleled skill in engaging students of all levels of technical ability makes this workshop accessible to all.  From watching videos of musical collaboration via videoconferencing to frequency analysis of WAV and MP3 files,  from watching for “artifacts” in a video from a small camera attached to a skier’s pole, to examples of run-length coding the material in this workshop is engaging, fun and useful for videoconferencing professionals.

— An Ideal Pre-Conference Session or In-House Training —

Telepresence Values

Telepresence Values

H.323 Protocol Family

H.323 Protocol Family

Add value to your conference offering. Create in-house professional development opportunities for your staff at a fraction of the cost of sending them off to school.

Develop an appropriately unconventional, experience-based video skill set in your conference attendees or internal staff. Infused with a equal doses of technology and Experience Economy concepts specially formulated for the audiovisual world, this unique learning opportunity cannot be found anywhere else. Greenline Emeritus Consulting’s Experience-Based training is unique across the industry.

Who needs to keep this workshop in mind:

  • Technical Trade Show Planners
  • Corporate Training Departments
  • Corporate IT Departments
  • Higher Education Technology Conference Planners


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