Why “Experience-Based” Telepresence?

Simply put: Since about 2004 the technology improvements in the visual communications space has skyrocketed, but our understanding of it has yet to catch up. 

High definition video, high quality & spatial audio, better eye contact, immersive experiences.  As an industry, these technology advances improved the experience of videoconferencing to the point where the technology is largely transparent.  So much so that we speak about “the experience” of videoconferencing or telepresence.

We use the word “experience” because it is apt.  But what makes an experience? How does one manage a videoconferencing experience? How do you design videoconferencing experiences which bring greater value to the participants.  Understanding Experience Based Telepresence system and content design is the key.


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  • ~ Knows how to synchronize everything

    "Before I moved, one of the first things I asked Theo to help me with was to find the best mobile phone that would also allow me to synchronize ALL my email addresses, as well as my contacts!  I can't go without it.  Theo has all the knowledge you need to get everything together and he's VERY affordable.  I strongly recommend him. Victoria Rock, President & CEO, Victoria Court Reporting"

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